Click Tracking

Click tracking monitors whether a recipient has clicked on a link contained within a HTML or Text message.
When enabled, all links in your messages will be converted to links that go through Mail Manager. This will make sure that clicks are tracked and registered.

If you want to use click tracking permanently, you need to enable the clicktrack setting in your configuration file:
# Click tracking
# If you set this to 1, all links in your emails will be converted to links that
# go via your server. This will make sure that clicks are tracked.
$clicktracking = 1;

# Click track, list detail
# # if you enable this, you will get some extra statistics about unique users who have clicked the
# links in your messages.
# recommended to leave it off, but if you're very curious, you can enable it
$clicktracking_details = 1;

Open Tracking (also "User Tracking" or "Read Tracking")

Open tracking can be used to see whether a HTML message has been opened by the recipient.
To enable open tracking, you only need to enable the corresponding check button. This will insert a link to an invisible image into your mail message.

Note: This is a common tracking technique, but depending on the mail app used, the recipient may see a warning message regarding external targets being requested by the message. Most apps ask permission to access such external targets.
Denying that permission will just disable tracking, but there is also the risk that the recipient will never open the mail but rather delete it.
Also open tracking has some limitations, as it's effectiveness depends on the recipients being on line when viewing the message.
Also keep in mind that the configuration of the recipient's email client or webmail application may prevent images from being tracked.